Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Not blogging much, obviously!  These last two weeks have been pretty crazy...mostly in a good way.  A lot has happened, so let me just bring things up to speed.  In the last two weeks I:

1.Sprained my ankle.
2. Attended the INCH (homeschool) Convention.
3. Bought most of our curriculum for next year.
4. Learned about Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, and Augustus Caesar.
5. Made strawberry rhubarb crisp.
6. Did not weed the strawberry patch as intended.
7. Chose paint colors for the whole house.
8. Learned to conjugate the verb to love in Latin (amo, amas, amat...)
9. Sewed 10 fitted cloth diapers for my best childhood friend...oops, my friend's baby, I mean!  haha...
10. Primed and painted the kitchen with my dad.
11. Gave a tour of our property as a potential movie filming location.
12. Dropped the ball on the healthy diet.  see below
13. Celebrated my birthday.  (the big ol' 31, as the kids would say!)


Here's a little sneak peak at our kitchen...almost done!  This is the paint color:

Watch for more coming soon...the house is really starting to come together!  Also hopefully in the near future...a tutorial for personal handmade wall art (I've got some ideas brewing that require a trip to Joann's) and some fast-paced house progress.  Thanks for reading!

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