Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Around the New House, In Pictures

Flowers in the desperately overgrown (but well-planned) rock garden near the old barn.

Wildflowers...anybody know what they are?  Haven't gotten around to finding out.

Ripening wild blackberries growing in the roofless stone barn.

Young apples on old trees.  I think they might turn out to be Granny Smiths.

Somehow seeing my books on bookshelves (accompanied by Beanie cat) makes the house feel like home.

The boys did practically nothing except catch snakes for about 2 days straight.  Apparently that roofless stone barn is a regular pit of vipers...or garters, at least.

One half of the pole barn currently housing all our extra, things we are blessed to own, I mean.  Other half is just as full.  Planning on huge ol' sale in August!  This is the primary reason I haven't written any posts lately...

The boys found a crate of old electronics and spent a whole afternoon taking  apart ancient laptops with screwdrivers.  Seriously mamas, if you need a cheap activity to occupy young boys for a good long time, this is it.

My silhouette art in its new home on the wall!

View from behind the old barn...beautiful in every season so far!

Wild grapes, which grow all over the property.  I hear wild grapes are really easy to make into wine...I think I smell an experiment coming this fall:)


  1. Loved seeing these photos and what they may represent of your daily lives and adventures!

  2. Remind me and Indiana Jones to steer far far away from the roofless stone barn...