Saturday, May 7, 2011

What I'm Listening To

I was hoping to write a "real" blog post tonight all about our big ambitions for our new "homestead".  But it turns out that was a little too ambitious for me at this moment.  So instead, you get to hear about my latest favorite tunes.  Enjoy!

Up first...this great song by Eisley called "The Valley".  Beautiful melody and harmonies, and totally unexpected chord changes in the chorus.
The Valley

Next...a few songs from the album I've been listening to almost nonstop since January!  The album is called In Feast or Fallow by Sandra McCracken.  It's unusual for an album to stay at the top of my "list" for this long...
In Feast or Fallow
This is the Christ
You can listen to the whole album (and download!!!) at her website.

Finally...this one is just really fun.  Not the greatest sound and video quality, but hey, they're in the woods.
Gungor: "The Earth is Yours"

Hope these songs brighten your weekend...and happy Mother's Day!

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