Saturday, April 9, 2011

...and here's the hat to match!

The little shoes from Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones turned out so cute that I just had to make the military-style cap to match.  And I must admit, the directions for this one were a leeeetle bit tricky.  I got turned around between all the right sides, wrong sides, linings, exteriors, and turning and ended up stitching it with the bill stuck in between the hat and the lining.  Oops.  But, it turned out ok in the end.  It only involved ripping off the bill and lining and redoing the second half of the instructions...

The sizing was a little off.  The hat definitely fits my 3 year old better than Sir Percival, but that was ok too because Percival would not keep the hat on for more than a second, but Sir Gawain loves it!  (Sorry about the picture quality...he was pretty excited about the hat.  Made it hard to "shoot" a moving target.)

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