Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Moving In...

It's finally here...move-in date is set for Saturday!  I probably won't be blogging much this week, but I really thought I should at least get some pics up of the house before (and in the midst of) the moving-in chaos.  Everything has been turning out really nice--very pleased!

My thrifty kitchen: purchased stove, fridge, washer and dryer on craigslist for $600 for the set!  And see that lovely, HUGE sink?  I found that at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for $30...so excited about that one!  Plywood makes cheap, natural-looking countertops.  Just kidding!  These are just temporary until we embark on our concrete countertop project.

Before the chaos.

Mild chaos.  That's my kitchen right there in those crates and boxes.

My bedroom.

My spiffy, shiny bathroom, thanks to the help of my Mom and Aunt who cleaned it up for us last week!  Still looking for the perfect mirror.

Boys' empty bedroom...

The car bed!  Boy #3 has been SO excited to sleep in this again!  And our beautiful bunk bed Dan built that probably won't fit in the bedroom. 


  1. Jill, y'all have done great work!!! I can't wait to see more pictures as things get moved in. And we'll have to stop by on our way to my parents some time soon:)

  2. Looks awesome! I am also very excited to sleep in a car bed someday.

  3. An inexpensive but cool mirror suggestion: go to hobby lobby during their 50% off sale for their picture frames... and insert some glass. I cut down a mirror I had at Lapeer Glass for about 10-15 bucks...

    Everything looks wonderful. I'm sure you'll be excited to actually live there.