Thursday, May 19, 2011

House Update...

Our house will be looking very different very soon, so I thought I should post some pictures of the progress before it's all done!  When we bought the house, it had no kitchen...which is fine for me because I get to do whatever I want with it! We took out a wall between the kitchen and the dining room, and we're putting a computer desk area in the kitchen as well.  Our cabinets are being delivered today!  I'm so excited to see them.  We ordered the new Martha Stewart Cabinets from Home Depot.  Here is what the kitchen looked like now before we did anything:

We knocked down the wall on the right and there will be a peninsula in its place.  We had to make the window (yes, that ugly board is where the window was supposed to be) much smaller to accommodate the cabinets we needed.  The computer station will be at the back of the room.  This kitchen is much smaller than the one we did at our old house, so that's going to take some "adjustment" on my more walk-in pantry.  But I think it's going to be super cute!  Our cabinets are white, and we're planning on making concrete countertops.  Any suggestions for wall colors/backsplash?

In the rest of the house...Dan is done with framing, plumbing, and I think he's almost done with electrical stuff, but that's hard for me to say since I know pretty much nothing about that!  This weekend he'll be hanging drywall so that next week his uncle can tape, mud, and repair the drywall and plaster throughout the house.  And then guess what?  I get to paint!  Finally a job that I know at least a little bit about!

In other news...I'm hobbling around on crutches today after an unfortunate roller skating incident last night.  I took the kids to their Awana roller skating party and it didn't bode too well for me.  My skating skills are adequate enough (I certainly spent my share of time at the roller rink for junior high mixers!) but some people just don't know when to slow down.  Like during the backwards skate.  Picture two grown men skating backwards full throttle.  Picture me trying to shimmy between them to avoid a massive collision.  End result?  Me on the floor, 2 grown men continue skating like nothing happened.  Yeah, I wasn't too happy.  Funny thing is, my ankle didn't hurt at first.  I kept skating the whole night.  But as soon as I took off the skates, I couldn't walk!  Pretty sure I sprained my ankle, although it's not even swollen...So now here I am hopping around on crutches with a bruise that's bound to be the size of Texas on the right side of my bum.  On the plus side, the boys have vowed to wait on me all day.  Sir Kay (boy #2) already made breakfast...what a sweet boy he is.  Hoping this crazy thing starts to heal quickly because I can't stand being laid up!

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