Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our American Cave Museum Experience

Courser family vacation Day 2 included a trip for the kids and I to the American Cave Museum in Horse Cave, KY while Dan was at work.  I was pleasantly surprised by the museum.  So many of the things to do around here are so "tourist-y" that I wasn't sure just what we were going to get, but this museum is very nice and professional.  There were several hands-on type exhibits that the kids enjoyed, ranging from the history of cave exploration to cave animal life and ground water conservation.  Many of the exhibits, however, required lots of reading, so we made our way through the museum pretty quickly.  The highlight, of course, is the tour of Hidden River cave.  Our tour was quite a bit shorter than usual since the river is flooded right now...but this turned out to be great for us because the kids were all pretty nervous about being "underground".  (Look for pics coming after we get home...I got a good number of shots of their backs as they high-tailed it OUT!)  We had our own personal tour guide since we were the only people in the museum!  She seemed quite knowledgeable and tailored the tour to my kids' interests.  (Most of their questions were things like, "Do caves ever collapse on people?  What if you got stuck inside?  Will we fall in the river?"  Things of that nature...) 

Sorry for the lack of pictures so far...I didn't pack lots of computer gear, so photos will have to come after we get home.  I must admit, Kentucky is absolutely beautiful this time of lush and green!  I could see myself living here, if I could pack up all my family and bring them here too!  I'm sure I would miss the winter Michigan snow, the Great Lakes, corn and wheat and brilliant shades of fall.  But in a year where the snow didn't all melt until mid-April, a week of balmy spring is a welcome change of pace:)

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